Wisematic creates tailored turn-key solutions for all customer needs! Application development can be based on collaborative robots, high performance scaras, 6-axis robots or any other robot brand as well. Together with our modular SOLU cell environment platform you can have a robot application running in very short time! Alternatively we can develop a fully customized system from ground up utilizing our vast experience on actuators, motion control systems, mechanics and software development.



Wisematic developes and delivers ready-to-run solutions for all kinds of assembly applications. Our SOLU-platforms and selection of robots are a great choice for most small to medium sized assembly applications. We provide all the required peripherals to support the complete process for:

  • Part feeding
  • Part assembly / placement
  • Part joining with adhesives / screws / welding etc
  • All operations can be done with vision guidance and controlled force
  • Stand-alone cells or complete lines

Part handling

We deliver complete tailored solutions for part handling applications:

  • Feeding
  • Sorting
  • Palletizing
  • Pick & Place and orientating
  • All operations can be assisted with machine vision or force control

    Testing and quality

    We have a long history in developing automated testing solutions for global consumer product manufacturers. We provide you with complete solutions whether it is visual, electrical or mechanical testing you need to do. Applications may include:

    • Presence/completeness checking
    • Part or assembly charachteristics inspection
    • In-line production real time monitoring
    • Mechanical / electrical performance measurement

    Industrial logistics

    Smart and safe mobile collaborative robots help you automate internal material transportation and logistics operations with ease. Mobile industrial robots are used worldwide in a multitude of applications and operational fields in: 

    Healthcare logistics

    These safe mobile collaborative robots lets your healthcare professional focus on the essentials instead of transporting materials around the facility. MiR-robots are improving healthcare processes already all around the world – you can rely on timely and effective deliveries no matter if your operating environment is a hospital, a nursing home or a medical manufacturing facility. These robots transport reliably medicines, laundry as well as clean room equipment. Learn about different healthcare applications below:

    Machine tending

    We provide flexible and easily reconfigurable machine tending solutions for:


    • Machining
    • Injection molding
    • Sheet forming
    • Almost any industrial equipment currently served by operator

    Path tracking

    We deliver solutions for applications requiring accurate path tracking such as:

    • Dispensing (gasketing, glues, pastes)
    • Deburring
    • Polishing


    We deliver turn-key solutions for different packaging needs, including for example:

    • Product packaging
    • Boxing
    • Cleanroom packaging applications
    • Optoelectronics packaging


    We can automate your material handling application with a traditional or a collaborative robot – ready to take care of your:

    • Boxing
    • Palletizing

    Collaborative robotics

    Adaptive and safe collaborative robot solutions for smooth working with humans – great solution for varying batch sizes and changing need in:

    • Assembly and part handling
    • Inspection
    • Palletizing
    • Screwing / joining
    • Dispensing and gluing
    • Conveyor tracking
    • Soldering
    • Machine tending
    • Packaging
    • Countless other applications…

    We can help you to improve the identification and traceability of your products with automated marking and labeling solutions. Our robots and cells an be equipped with different kind of marking/labeling equipment to match your needs.

    Wisematic is the official laser system integrator for CAJO Technologies Oy. We can deliver you a complete turn-key marking solution to suit your needs. See the laser marking solutions available for integration here.

    Tailored custom solutions

    We have developed tailored applications for our customers from the ground up. We can build on our cell platforms or create completely custom machine for your needs – just the way you need it.

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