Wisematic SOLU™ BC - solutions for battery pack manufacturing

Complete battery cell handling, storage and testing automation framework.

Wisematic SOLU™ BC - Automated Cell Storage

High density storage and balancing warehouse for battery cells.

Automatic factory solutions for battery cell handling

Wisematic SOLU™ BC -series provides a modular solution concept for all phases of battery cell handling: storage, balancing, sorting and testing. Our compact and fully customizable module design enables a space saving lay-out to suit any factory floor.

Battery Cell Storage Layout

Inbound measurement

Wisematic SOLU™ BC-series battery cell measurement unit provides a fast and efficient way to measure high volumes of incoming cells automatically. Depending on the connected diagnostics solution and the desired measurement, the unit can provide a reliable electrical contact for the whole matrix of the pallette at once, or only a row by row.  

Battery cell testing unit

Inbound and outbound sorting

Wisematic SOLU™ BC sorting cells are power houses of handling battery cells at high speeds!  Sorting cells can be used for in- or outbound sorting of battery cells. Inbound cell can sort cells to according to classification per preceding IR measurement. Outbound sorting application provides the required batch of balanced cells for the manufacturing of a balanced pack module.

The performance of our Wisematic SOLU™ BC sorting cells is guaranteed by Epson’s high performing SCARA-robots with an average cycle time of 1,8 secods per cell – this yields up to 15k handled cells per shift! Large working area of the SCARA can cover up to six separate pallets. Pallet and conveor setup are customizable to customer and layout preference. 

Robotic battery sorting cell
Automatic battery cell sorting unit

Balancing and storage modules

Wisematic SOLU™ BC-series storage and balancing modules are automatic units served by a pallette handler and lift for a fully automated operation. The modular and configurable design of the module allows completion of the system with balanser, storage or conveyor units: basic configuration includes only a reverse flow conveyor placed on the bottom of the module – everything else can be configured according to customer requirement.

Innovative and compact design of the automatic pallet handler saves space and makes automatic operations highly effective by minimizing travelled distances.

System storage is controlled by a smart warehouse management system tailored for handling cells with unique status. System specific user interface provides operators with the possibility to monitor storage fill and operational status of the system in real time. Module size is fully customizable according to process needs and available floor plan.


Testing and diagnostics automation of inbound devices.
Testing and diagnostics automation of inbound devices.

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