We make nordic manufacturing profitable again with flexible cells and affordable robotic production lines.

SOLU™ M-series: home of compact robots!

Looking to automate your factory without wasting time or money? Let’s get moving with our cell platforms starting from 8 600€!

SOLU™ XL-series: Room for all options-

Wisematic SOLU™ XL offers more room and rigidity for fast moving and long reaching robots. Starting from 12 900€!

Wisematic SOLU™ Lines: compact and cost-effective production

Connect Wisematic SOLU™ cells for a full production line.

Wisematic SOLU™ M-series is suitable for the compact size robots. Integration of the robot and required peripherals is easy and fast in the open and modular cell enviroment accessible from all sides.

Beneath the working platform is an easily accessible ventilated cabinet for controllers, power sources and all other supplying equipment. Ceiling of the Wisematic SOLU™cell provides flexible mounting for machine vision and lighting equipment. All cabling is neatly stowed behind cove panels.


Wisematic SOLU™ L-series cell platform offers more working area for the compact and mid-size robots as well as more room for placement of peripheral equipment around the robot.

Beneath the working platform is an even larger cabinet for controllers and peripheral equipment. Ceiling of the Wisematic SOLU™cell provides flexible mounting for machine vision and lighting equipment as in all  Wisematic SOLU™cells.

Wisematic SOLU™ XL-series provides more room and rigidity for heavier payloads and longer reaching robots. Structure of the cell allows wall and ceiling mounting options for different types of robots. Naturally it provides all the same modular and open platform benefits as it’s smaller siblings.
Sometimes one size just doesn’t fit all. For all those cases we can create the Wisematic SOLU™ Custom platform. The shape and dimensions of the cell can be easily altered due to our parametric, standardized and modular platform design.
Wisematic SOLU™ cells can be flexibly connected to each other to form a complete production line of desired length and shape. You get an easily reconfigurable, robust and compact production unit with a long life cycle.

We can furnish the most suitable robot with the most suitable:

  • Cell environment
  • Specialized end-effectors
  • Flexible part feeders
  • Conveyors
  • Controls
  • Machine vision
  • Application specific peripherals, like laser markers
  • Software with visual and easy-to-use interfaces

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