The cobot cells from EasyRobotics offer a flexible way to automate quickly and efficiently.

ProFeeder™ X: Compact capacity for machine tending!

EasyRobotic ProFeeder™ cobot cell with part magazine.

EasyPedestal™ - take a space saving stand!

Modular EasyPedestal is the most compact and flexible robot stand.

EasyRobotics® – stands, tables and cells for collaborative robots

EasyRobotics offers a wide range of modular stands, tables and cells for all collaborative robot arms! You can create the perfect combination for your application by selecting a high performance cobot from Doosan and pairing it with a stand or a part handling solution from EasyRobotics. The smart solutions from EasyRobotics support and speed up the commissioning of your machine tending, palletizing, assembly, dispensing or welding application. Collaborative robot equipped with an EasyRobotics cell is a genuinely flexible and reconfigurable solution with a fast return of investment!


EasyPedestal™ from EasyRobotics is a modular and compact stand for collaborative robots. Floor mounted fixed stand can be used as it is or with up to three separate working tables (600x400mm).  Placement of the robot is easy due to the compact footprint of the EasyPedestal™. Robust steel stand remains stable in all applications and is suitable for the most demanding production environments. A separate cabinet for the robot controller is available as an accessory.

 More information about the EasyPedestal™ -stand.


ProFeeder™ Flex

ProFeeder™ Flex is an agile mobile robot stand from EasyRobotics. You can even mount three additional work tables (600x400mm) to it for part feeding and handling. Lockable wheels and docking stations allow moving the robot easily from one work station to another: you can use the robot e.g. for machine tending of multiple CNC-machines.

More information about the ProFeeder™ Flex -mobile stand.


ProFeeder™ Tray / Alu

EasyRobotics ProFeeder™ is a compact and versatile cobot cell table for the needs of flexible automated production. The cobot arm can be freely mounted to three sides of the table for optimal layout setup. The table can be equipped with an aluminum profile or tray worktop. The aluminum profile worktop allows the mounting of different kinds of equipment and fixtures. The tray option offers a handy template for part handling: e.g. easy pickup from known positions for machine tending purposes. There is a protective cabinet inside the cell for robot controller and other peripherals.

More information about the ProFeeder™ Alu -cell.

More information about the ProFeeder™ Tray -cell.


EasyDesk™ Alu / Tray / Welding

EasyDesk™ from EasyRobotics is a truly versatile multi-use table for your cobot application. You can pick different worktop solutions according to your application needs: an aluminium profile for flexible mounting, a template worktop for part feeding or a welding worktop. The robot controller can be safely stored in the cell cabinet.

More information about the EasyDesk™ -table cell.


ProFeeder™ S

EasyRobotics ProFeeder™ range includes smart and robust cobot cells with configurable magazine trays for part feeding purposes. These high capacity part trays enable long automated unmanned run periods for your collaborative robot and production machines this lifting your productivity to a completely new level. The ProFeeder™ cells can be utilized for e.g. machine tending, assembly or dispensing applications. Highly reconfigurable ProFeeder™ S can be equipped with up to five sliding and magnetically locking part trays which provide high capacity for a variety of parts.

More information about the ProFeeder™ S -robot cell.


ProFeeder™ X

ProFeeder™ X cobot cells from EasyRobotics will support your collaborative robot application by providing an efficient part handling solution with up to ten sliding part trays! This compact cobot cell can provide excellent part handling capacity for e.g. CNC-machine tending. Locking of the sliding trays can be performed electrically or magnetically according to your preference. As always, also this cell provides a protective location for your robot controller.

More information about the ProFeeder™ X -robot cell.


ProFeeder™ X-XL

EasyRobotics ProFeeder™ X-XL is full 500mm wider than its smaller sibling ProFeeder™ X. Thus it brings along a new level of capacity for the amount as well as for the size of the handled parts. When using five high load capacity trays you can fit parts up to 160mm high on each tray. The locking of the sliding trays in ProFeeder™ X-XL can be done elelctrically or magnetically according to your needs. Also this cell provides a protective cabinet for the robot controller as well.

More information about the ProFeeder™ X-XL robot cell.


ProFeeder™ Compact

ProFeeder™ Compact from EasyRobotics is a compact sized full scale add-on parts magazine that you can use to add the total part handling capacity of your application. The ProFeeder™ Compact can simply be placed in the working area of a cobot mounted e.g. on another EasyRobotics cell. As always the sliding trays are highly configurable according to your application needs. The ProFeeder™ Compact can also be equipped with wheels for easy transportation between different working and docking stations.

More information about the ProFeeder™ Compact -magazine.



EasyRobotics EasyPalletizer™ is a robust pallet loading and unloading platform for bigger collaborative robots. The EasyPalletizer™ can be used together with different sizes and shapes of pallets as well as in collaboration with mobile robots. Together with a long reach collaborative robot, like Doosan H-series, the EasyPalletizer™ enables automating full palletizing operations easily and efficiently. EasyPalletizer™ can handle pallets on one or both sides with the help of smart pallet sensors. Naturally the cabinet provides also a compartment for the robot controller and other peripherals.

More information about the EasyPalletizer™.


EasyPalletizer™ Pro

The EasyPalletizer™ Pro from EasyRobotics is an advanced and versatile palletizing platform for smart collaborative robots with long reach: it will help you to automate even the most challenging palletizing operations with ease and speed. Together with the long reach Doosan H-series cobot and the integraged lifting column the EasyPalletizer™ can load even the tallest stacks without problems. Easily accessible user panel and integrated led-lights makes working with the EasyPalletizer™ intuitive.

More information about the EasyPalletizer™ Pro.


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