collaborative ROBOTs

Collaborative robot (cobot) is a robot that can interact and share a workspace with humans in a safe way. DOOSAN cobots have been designed to lead the way in safety and easy collaboration. Commissioning, programming and reconfiguration of these robots is intuitive and fast. With the help of their senses they can adapt to changing batch production and product variants.

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Reliable collaborative robots from Doosan offer a cost-effective and fast way to automate part handling, assembly, packing, dispensing or machine tending. Programming and using of Doosan cobots is easy with the help of the graphical user interface, visual programming environment and teaching by hand guiding.

Doosan A-series: Fast, affordable and easy

Doosan collaborative robots can go anywhere! With its superior speed and cost-effectiveness, A-SERIES promises a simple solution and a satisfaction to whom may be hesitant to get cobots.

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Doosan M-series: Masterpiece above all

M-SERIES are the highest quality premium cobots from Doosan! 6 high-tech torque sensors provide the highest dexterity for highly sophisticated tasks and ensure the upmost safety with the highest collision sensitivity.

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    Doosan H-series: Power in reach

    Doosan H-SERIES is the most powerful big collaborative robot in the market! The outstanding 25 kg payload and 6-axis torque sensor are capable of performing precise and safe work e.g. in machine tending and palletizing applications.

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