New EPSON VT-series is an all-in-one 6-axis robot range of the next generation! VT6 is built to automate simple, repetitive material handling tasks that humans find tedious. Many have been reluctant to automate material handling tasks that add little value because of the expense and trouble involved in building production lines. Epson is bringing down this barrier with the affordable and easy to install VT6.

EPSON VT6L is engineered for maximum usability and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). It is the first in the VT-series offering the all-in-one concept: plug in and start! The controller is integrated in the robot body – this saves space and makes integration fast and easy.  The hollow arm of the VT6 improves performance and saves energy.


  • Arm length:  900mm
  • Payloads: 6kg (max)

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