Make your cobot a truly flexible part of your production with the help of our mobile cobot platforms. When mounted on a mobile base the cobot can be easily moved between different work stations and applications increasing the efficiency and utilization rate of your robot.

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Wisematic KAMU L

Wisematic KAMU L is an agile mobile cobot base for small and light collaborative robots. With the help of KAMU L you can easily move your cobot from work station to another, and improve your robots utilization rate and payback.

  • Solid and safe steel and aluminum structure
  • Equipped with swiveling rollers and adjustable support feet
  • Easily adjustable mounting pillar height
  • Mounting options for accessories and peripherals
  • Storage area for tools and controllers
  • Profile frame protects the robot controller
  • Made in Finland
  • Perfect partner for smaller Doosan A-series and M-series cobots

Wisematic KAMU XL

Wisematic KAMU XL is movable mounting platform equipped with sturdy wheels and separate adjustable feet. Wisematic KAMU XL is suitable mobile cobot base from medium to mid-heavy collaborative robots.  

  • Solid and safe steel and aluminum structure
  • Equipped with swiveling rollers and separate support feet
  • Pallet guide can be added to both sides of the plaform
  • Protectice and ventilated cabinet for robot controller and peripherals
  • Cable lead-through for robot tooling
  • Interface panel for connectors
  • Made in Finland
  • Perfect plarform for Doosan M-series and H-series cobots
Wisematic KAMU XL mobile robot platform

Wisematic KAMU L Work Tables

With the help of Wisematic KAMU L Work Tables you can easily and flexibly change the working environment and application of your collaborative robot mounted on a KAMU L mobile cobot base. You can mount jigs and peripherals to the work tables according to your application needs.  Production change can be performed quickly by simply changing the work tables around the robot. Fixing the tables to the base is easy with the provide quick clamps.


  • Available in different sizes and finishes
  • Solid and safe steel and aluminum structure
  • Lockable wheels allow easy moving
  • Mounts to KAMU L base with quick clamps
  • Lower platform for the storage of tools and accessories
  • Made in Finland

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