END of ARM tooling for ROBOTS

Robot arms need a tool to interact with their environment. We help you to find the best option for your application improving flexibility and helping your robot to adapt part and product changes. We can also design a fully tailored solution when required.



The OnRobot One System Solution is a game changer that dramatically simplifies automation. You only need one system, one training, one relationship, but you get every tool you may need, compatibility with the robots you choose and virtually unlimited possibilities for collaborative applications. When deployment takes less time, it allows you to deliver more projects to more customers. Everyone saves time and money and can quickly realize the benefits of collaborative automation.

Soft Robotics GRIPPERS

Soft Robotics has developed the most advanced and unique gripper solution – it is an adaptive and modular system that mimics human hand in grasping objects of various shapes and sizes with its flexible and dexter fingers.

Tailored gripper and tooling solutions

We have the capability to develop and validate a customized end-of-arm-tooling solution to perfectly suit your parts and applications. We will always use our best knowledge to select, provide and integrate the best available solutions for our customers from a variety of manufacturers:

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