A revolutionary new addition to Epson’s 6-Axis robot lineup, the N2 stands tall in a class of its own. Featuring patented compact folding arm technology, this innovative robot offers significant advantages in the efficiency of motion and workcell space reduction.  N2 reduces required workspace area by up to 40% versus standard 6-Axis robots.
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EPSON N2 6-axis robot has a unique arm that folds through itself versus moving around itself – this reduces the number of intermediate points and shortens cycle times. With the ability to operate in a tight space, the N2 can be utilized in production lines that traditional 6-Axis robots cannot. With the smart new kinematic configuration, Epson’s Flexion N-Series robots, beginning with the Flexion N2, are redefining the 6-Axis robot category.

  • Arm length:  532mm (horizontal reach to mounting face)
  • Payloads: 1kg (rated) / 2,5kg (max)
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